Tile Mosaic Maker


Here We Provide:

Software Solution for mosaic indrustry, artist, designer, and new learner.
Tile Mosaic Maker is a rapid design tool dedicated for mosaic projects.
It allows you to load custom tiles, complete a mosaic design, output a workplan.

Mosaic Robot for commercial customers.
Mosaic Robot is a robot designed to assemble mosaic projects from tiles.
It never get tired, It never make mistake, It never ask a salary.

Project consultation for any case you working with.
22 years experience in mosaic field. We help you find a way to achieve the goal.

Our Products:

Online Tool:

Tile Mosaic Render

Design software:

Tile Mosaic Maker X9, latest version Sep. 2020. (Windows and Mac version)

 Use your own tile collection, build any photo to a mosaic.

Robot control code generator

2nd screenshot
2nd screenshot
3rd Screenshot
3rd Screenshot

Mosaic Robot:

Mosaic Robot Delta I, released June 2020.
Mosaic Robot Cartesian, released oct 2019.

If your mosaic projects meet the following requirements:

  • You are using multiple colors (more than 20)
  • You are using small tiles, from 4x4mm to 20x20mm. (If you want to use larger tiles, we suggest the Cartisian Robot)
  • You are paying more than $15/per hour for labor for 1 square meter of mosaic assemby.

You need a Mosaic Robot.

It is extremely time consuming to assemble mosaic tiles. A skilled labor can finish no more than 10,000 mini tiles per day.

That is our reason to start research and develop an automatic mosaic mounting system.

EzMosaic can offer you two type of robots suitable for a Mosaic Assembling:
Mosaic Robot Cartesian and Mosaic Robot Delta.