Your first mosaic project

This is a fast and simple project for new users. It helps you understand how the software works.

1. Run Tile Mosaic Maker.

2. Click ‘New Project’ button

3. Then choose ‘Use tiles in lib’. this will bypass tile import procedure, and start a new project immediately

4. Click ‘next’. Use default path to save the project files.

5. Now choose a ‘TMM’ from Brand list. and choose ‘TMM 10 mm 60c Round’ tile set. then click ‘Next’.

6. Do not change anything in mosaic size page.
As we can see, the project will contain 100×100 tiles. this is enough for most simple projects.

7.Click ‘Next’. Tile Mosaic Maker will initialize the mosaic project. Once it is done, you can then load a picture and turn it to a mosaic.

8. This is Main Image loader.
Click ‘Load’ button. pick a picture from samples.
Sometimes the main image does not have same aspect ratio as the mosaic project size.
in this case we will need to crop the main image.
You can drag 4 corner points to change size of crop area.

9. Then click ‘Render Now’ button.
Ah, we can see the mosaic is created.

If you are using Trial version Tile Mosaic Maker, you can browse the mosaic inside the software only.
With a Full Version Tile Mosaic Maker, then we can save the picture as jpg files for printing, create worksheet for assembling guide, and do many other things.

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