Use your own tiles

2. Use your own tiles.
This chapter shows you how to import new tiles.
Get tile samples. Take photos, prepare photos, create new tile lib with tile photos.

The minimum factor of mosaic is tiles.
Tiles can be made from different materials, include glass, ceramic, wood, stone, rubber, candy, whatever you can image.

First step is collect mosaic samples.
In most case you can get a sample board from the tile factory or tile dealer.
The sample board looks like this. there are tiles mounted on a paper board.


Take photo for each tile. I strongly suggest you use a camera with manual mode,
Using fixed Iris and Shutter, turn off auto white balance, and you may need to use additional lights.
Load photos into computer, and you need to rename them.
The file name should describe the tiles.

Resize the sample photos. Basically, we should keep all photos under 640×640 pixels.
Larger photos are not necessary, and they will slow down the render engine while making a mosaic.

Now, run Tile Mosaic Maker. start a ‘New Project’, and then chooses ‘Import your own tiles’.

Name your tile collection. And input the brand name, or choose one from existing brand.
Choose a shape. and set the size.

Then ‘Create tile lib’ , this will create an empty tile lib.
Click ‘Add pics’, and load tile photos we just prepared.

After that, finish tile edit and start new mosaic project.
The render engine will start and use your new tiles to create the mosaic.