Output Files

Once a mosaic project is rendered, and you do like the quality, then you can output the preview picture file, and work plan.
By click Output button, you can open the output dialog.



Many mosaic project has more tiles, you can not print it on a single page pager. so, considering of your paper size, please setup a cell count for the pages.
the ‘Size info’ box will show you the pixel size of each page and total page count.
for example, if your total tile count is 100 x 100, and each page has 50×50 tiles, the whole mosaic project will be splitted to 4 pages.
Once you confirm the page size is correct, you can start output the mosaic files.

Here you can see the output result.


There are 4 kind of useful file types.
the overview.jpg shows the main image.
1. the mosaic preview files. this is the picture file of your mosaic project, if you printed it out and assemble them together, it will show you how good the real one will looks like.



2. The workplan.
The work plan use color and ID to indicate the position of each tile.
By following the work plan and place your tiles to right position, you will find it is so easy to build a nice mosaic.


3. Tile sample.
The tile sample will assign a number id for each color of tile,
And there is the count of used tile. the count help you to detemine how many tiles need to be ordered from your tile dealer.
Tile count is marked as C=xx, for example, Tile ID2 are used 64 times.



4. Position table text file
Well, for human, this text file is not useful as the work plan. work plan is a visual guide for human workers, and text file is useful for robotic works.
you will notice, for each tile id, we recorded the position where it should be placed.
by doing few programming works, you can translate the text file to a command that your assemble robot can understand.


We also provide customize format service of the position table, so, if you do need a special output, please contact support@tilemosaicmaker.com to discuss.

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