Mosaic Size

while creating a new mosaic project, you need to setup the mosaic size first.
There are some key values to decide your mosaic size.

This is the mosaic size setup page:

First part is the pattern part.
there are different pattern for different tiles.
Square tile and rectangle tile have two 3 kind of patterns for you to choose.

Round Tile have 5 kind of patterns for you to choose.
the above 3 patterns are similar as square tiles.

the above 2 patterns are called compress formation.
By using these formation, we will use the cornor space of the tiles, so we can place more Row / Column into the mosaic.

The next step is decide the grout gap’s size.
in most case you will need to use glue or cement to fix the tiles. they are visible, so you need to choose a size for these ‘Gap’.
tile shops will provide you different colors of glues, so, pick the color, the mosaic render will use it to create the mosaic preview picture.

It does not require a Integer input. which means you can use 0.2inch, or 0.5mm as the gap size.


the final step is adjust the cell count.
in some case the mosaic width equals to tile width x horizonatal count,
but if you choose a non zero grout size, or choose a compress formation ,the mosaic width will not be the same as Tile width x Horizonatl count.
so we provide you a auto calculator which will tell you the final mosaic width and height.
you may need to change the tile count a little bit, to make sure the whole size is not larger than the space you parpared for the mosaic project.