Mosaic Sticker Sample

Mosaic Sticker is a DIY package for both beginner and experienced artist.

Mosaic Sticker Package
Mosaic sticker sample project 1
Mosaic sticker sample project 2

The package include:
Construction guide.
Sticker basement.
Crystal Tiles and container.

The tiles are small size round diamond shape. with over 60 colors in the tile collection.

the sticker basement is half transparent, and glue is applied over the surface.

work plan is printed on the sticker basement.
Each tile is marked by both color and number

So you simply pick a tile from the container and place it on the basement, and it will be fixed. it allows you to make a mosaic very fast.

remove the coverpaper. there is glue applied.
place your tiles on the sticker.
keep doing it, you will get your mosaic done soon.

The package is build by your order, we can create your custom mosaics.

the package contains work plan, tiles, and tools

Here is my work desktop

my work desk
diamon tiles.
diamon tiles.
click for a full size view
click for a full size view

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