Tile Mosaic Maker

Mosaic Robot Delta

Who need it?
If your mosaic projects meet the following requirements:
You are using multiple colors (more than 20)
You are using small tiles, from 4x4mm to 20x20mm. (If you want to use larger tiles, we suggest the Cartisian Robot)
You are paying more than $15/per hour for labor for 1 square meter of mosaic assemby.


Delta Robot is most suitable instrument for mosaic assembly.
Light-weight, its quick movements allow it to execute a choose, pick, and place procedure within 0.9 seconds at a 200mm distance
Arms are driven by precise Servo Motor, Harmonic Drive, and Absolute Encoder.
The accuracy of repeated positioning is 0.05 mm.

Mosaic Robot Delta Standard has three, fast, light-weight robotic arms which enable quick and precise movement.
Secondary arms are detachable. They can effectively prevent human injury and robot damage.

Standard Edition Configuration

  • Main Body: Delta Robot with 3x arms.
  • Motion Controller: 6x axes Motion Controller.
  • Motion Executer: NEMA23 Stepper Motor, with Encoder.
  • Feeder: 1x Customize Vibration Disc Feeder. Direct Rail and Flip Rail.
  • Picker: 1x Vaccum Picker, driven by Vaccum pump, with 0.5L buffer tank.
  • Work Size: max 500x500mm
  • Work Panel: 4x customize tile holder. (you can order additional tile holders)

Mosaic Robot Delta Plus is the only robot that can create Concentric, Radial, and Spiral Patterns. There is a Rotary Actuator in the head, which can rotate tiles to specific directions.

Plus Edition Configuration

  • Main Body: Delta Robot with 3x arms. 1 Rotary Actuator.
  • Motion Executer: 400w NEMA24 Servo Motor, with Encoder.
  • Feeder: 2x Customize Vibration Disc Feeders.
  • Picker: Rotatable Picker.
  • 2x detachable Head
  • Glue pump/ Jet valve
Mosaic Robot Delta