Mosaic Robot Mark I

World’s first commercial released mosaic robot.

Basic concept

Mosaic Robot Mark I is a 2 axis robotic system.
The major parts of MRMI include:

1. central control unit.
2. servo sytem x2.
3. X-Y axis structure.
4. air powered tile picker (you can choose single picker, double picker, multi picker).
5. base panel.
6. work pallet and feeder pallet.


The prototype design
A strong base panel is required for the robot.
We can put it on the ground, or a work table.
Assemble it is not too difficult.
build prototype mosaic robot
Here you can see the construction is done.
the control unit has a lcd monitor, we can import a control code by using a SD card.
The robot run without a computer!
testing prototype robot
Tile mosaic sources are placed in tile pallets.
we manually put tile pallets to the feeder area.
automatically feed can be added in customized robot.
There is a sign ‘Feed next pallet’, when you see a red light, remove the old pallet, put an new pallet. then push ‘continue’ button.
mosaic tile pallets
Here is a sample sheet finished by the mosaic robot.
it is a small part of a large mosaic project.
a standard sheet of finished mosaic
The complete mosaic project looks like this:

done mosaic
done mosaic