Mosaic Robot

Mosaic Robot Mark I (MRM1) is a mosaic fabrication system developed by Teddy Wong.
It is very easy to work with the Mosaic Robot.

Mosaic Robot delivery with a design tool, Tile Mosaic Maker 2015. It will help you complete a perfect mosaic design. Once the design is done, we can export a robot control code, load it to the mosaic robot.
Then, all you need to do is feeding the robot with tiles. the robot will assemble mosaics with percision and speed.

Custom Dimension
The dimension of working area can be customized.
We have desktop size robot for small page mosaic like 12x12inch.
We have robot for large page like 4×4 foot, or even larger.

Custom Structure
Our develop team allow us install additional expansion package to our mosaic robot.
Contact our tech stuff to find out which is your best workmate.

Affordable Cost
well. It is affordable.
contact me to discuss details.

How it works?
Here is a short video
Mosaic Robot 1


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