Mosaic Robot


Mosaic Robot is a mosaic fabrication system developed by Teddy Wong.

Typical tile mosaic projects for ground, plaza and pool may have more than 100,000 tiles. I’ve done one with 1,200,000 tiles.

It is extremely time consuming to assemble mosaic tiles. A skilled labor can finish no more than 10,000 mini tiles per day. Mini tile such as 8x8mm, 10x10mm, 15x15mm or similar size.

That is our reason to start research and develop an automatic mosaic mounting system.

There are 3 type of robots are suitable for a Mosaic Assembling. CARTESIAN Robot, SCARA Robot and DELTA Robot.

Custom Dimension
The dimension of working area can be customized.
We have desktop size robot for small page mosaic like 12x12inch.
We have robot for large page like 4×4 foot, or even larger.

Custom Structure
Our develop team allow us install additional expansion package to our mosaic robot.
Contact our tech stuff to find out which is your best workmate.