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Join our online community, You will learn how to use the mosaic design software, how to work with mosaic robots, and presenting your mosaic designs.

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Learning center’s previous topic are all moved into the forum.
We upgrade our software recently and you will see new tutorials.

If you have any questions we did not posted yet, please ask in the forum and we will answer it.


1. Your first mosaic project.
This tutorial is a fast and simple project for new users. It helps you understand how the software works.

2. Use your own tiles.
This tutorial shows you how to import new tiles.

3. Start and manage new projects.

4. Mosaic size
This tutorial shows you how to setup the mosaic size by changing tiles count and grout size.

5. color match method
This tutorial shows the difference of these color match methods.

6. output
Output tutorial introduce the useful files we generated for your mosaic project

7. advance output
Some times you need to limit the color count for each page, to help workers speed up the assembing, thats why we need advance output.

8. additional skills.
editing, tile management. etc.