Tile Mosaic Maker X6

This version is EXPIRED, Latest version is Tile Mosaic Maker X9.

Tile Mosaic Maker X6.

First screenshot!
First screenshot!
2nd screenshot
Second screenshot
3rd Screenshot
Third Screenshot

If you are in mosaic business, above screenshots already tells you lot of thing.
Tile Mosaic Maker X6 is a powerful design tool of mosaic artist.


Key Features

Pattern Samples


More Pattern Samples


 System  Supported version  Download install file  version
 Mac OSX system  OSX 10.9 and above tilemosaicmaker.com/download/x6/TileMosaicMakerX6Trial.app.dmg  V16.6
 Windows system 64bit  Win Vista, Win7 and above  http://www.tilemosaicmaker.com/download/x6/TilemosaicmakerX6Lite_win64.exe  V16.91
 Windows system 32bit discontinued discontinued discontinued…

Tile Mosaic Maker X6 comparison table

Version Target Usage Capacity Workplan Robot control Watermark  Price( US$)
Basic Small Projects, 200 Custom Colors
100×100 Tiles in GRID.
5,000 Tiles in CIRCLE.
 Single page / /  99$
Standard Medium Projects,
Home Decor,
Indoor design.
1,000 Custom Colors
400×400 Tiles in GRID.
20,000 Tiles in CIRCLE.
 Multi page Supported  /  195$
Professional Large Projects,
Mural, Wall, Garden, Swimming Pool.
10,000 Custom Colors
1000×1000 Tiles in GRID.
100,000 Tiles in CIRCLE.
 Multi page Supported  / 565$

 If you have special request that above version can not support, please contact us for a custom service.