Tile Mosaic Maker X6

Lite version

Lite Version is free to download.
In this version, You can convert your own photos to a tile mosaic. This can be used to create poster or other printing purpose.
Tiles are limited to official bundled tiles. If you want use your own tiles, You need to buy a full version.

Download link:

Windows Version:  support WinVista , Win7,  Win8, Win10 and others.

Mac Version: Complied under OSX 10…..
Coming Sooooooooooooon.

Tile Mosaic Maker X6

Full version

Full version download is not open for public.
You can request a trial first or buy a license from your regional sales agent.

1. North America, South America.
Contact: Cindy.

2. Asia, Oceania.
Contact: Teddy.

3. Arabic Region.
Contact: Besima.